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Tank Sports and Development offers both individual and group training for a variety of sports.

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We train all positions on the football field emphasizing technique first, followed by competition. We offer individual training, group training, and film breakdowns. 
QB: 3 and 5 step drop, throwing mechanics, coverage recognition.
RB and WR: Route technique, release work, blocking, footwork, and more. 
LB and DB: Pass drops, form tackling, footwork, block shedding, and more.


We train to become a complete basketball player and athlete. Training ball handling in all situations; passing, pick and roll, and dribbling. We will also work shooting both spot up and off the dribble. We will train to become better defenders in all situations. We will teach how to effectively score in the post.

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Speed and Agility

Speed and agility training will help to make you a better overall athlete. We want to increase your confidence in your athleticism. The workouts improve acceleration, deceleration, foot speed, quickness and change of direction. If you want to get better at a sport you must develop your overall athleticism. Building an athletic foundation and motor skills is key and gives you the base to build your sport-specific skills in a balanced way.

Training: Classes
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